It's time for a change.

It's time to get organized.

I will create The Center to serve our local neighborhood on the Southside of Chicago. The Center will give rise to a tighter community and a better world. It will be a place for youth to learn civic responsibility and commit to social justice causes. It will be our oasis! It will be our real-life utopia!!

The Center will offer so much. It will have a community rooftop garden in which folks can unwind after a long week of work and learn about sustainability. It will include a free health clinic where teens can get checkups and learn about sexual and reproductive health. There will be weekly support groups for bullying, grief and loss, violence, and other things that plague our lives on a daily basis. There will be volunteers who offer free counseling sessions to anyone who needs them. There will be a beautiful gallery with local art. There will be free classes that teach people web design and programming skills that help them get better jobs. This will be a place for us to organize and demand the rights and justice that we deserve, locally, nationally, and globally! The Center will transform our neighborhood and eventually the world! Together, we will stamp out violence, injustice, inequality, and all of the other ills that keep us down!!!

It's time to get organized!

It's time for a change!